UPS EAST – EA900Pro 10KVA/9KW 3Phase in 3 Phase out

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Τριφασικό UPS 10000VA/9000W  LCD+LED Display, RS232/USB, S/W, Maintenance Bypass  40 Μπαταρίες 12v7Ah και Αυτονομία 8 λεπτά

DSP digital control technology  Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99 Output power factor 0.9 Cold start Dual input Wide input voltage range (190 V ~ 485 V) Auto sensing frequency 50 / 60 Hz frequency conversion mode Work efficiency up to 98% in ECO mode Auto control fan speed when loads varies Auto power ON/OFF according to the load capacity set by users  Flexible battery configuration for using 14/16/18/20 pcs batteries Compact internal layout, miniaturized the complete unit for small footprint LCD+LED display, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human-machine interface Powerful background software for parameters configuration and online updatingDoubling the battery charging speed, 90% capacity restored in 4 hours (standard model UPS)Linear derating in low voltage input, reducing battery discharging times, extending the service life of batteryAdvanced battery management (ABM), automatic floating / equalizing charge control, charger dormancy control Configurable switching time from battery mode to mains mode when mains power is restored, reducing the impact on

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Βάρος 115 kg
Διαστάσεις 65,5 × 35 × 107,8 cm

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